Professional fight club. Qualified coaches.
Fitness. Convenient parking and sports bar.
Club pass
Corporate pass for min. 10 people

Fair offers for companies of any size.

We will select or advise you a sport and a schedule, give you a business discount


Up to 15 years. Allows you to save time and money: your kid will try different sports in one gym and choose one or more to his/her liking


Adults and kids 2-4 trainees

Formed separately for each sport

Individual sessions

Time, days, a sport and a coach are chosen especially for you

12 sessions

• single combat
• group programs
• crossfit

The pass gives you the advantage of trying different sports groups before you choose the sport you nee


Покупая членство в наш клуб, вам доступны все дисциплины во всех зонах по расписанию. Вы можете самостоятельно выстроить свой график тренировок -- от силовых до кардио



Individualized approach
Functional diagnostics by a sports physician
Briefing on the use of sports equipment
Recommendations on exercise load and proper nutrition
Skilled coaches
Options for massage and therapeutic measures to complete strength and other exercises
Foreign brand-name sports equipment and gear
See our coaching team


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