Professional fight club. Certified coaches. Fitness.
Convenient parking and a sports bar.
Individual sessions

Individual workouts time, days, a type of sports and the coach are selected individually for you

  • Mini-groups
  • Adult and children 2-4 people
  • Formed individually for each type of sport
Club membership

Being a member of our club, you are available to all disciplines in all zones on a schedule. You can independently build your schedule of training - from power training to cardio

Corporate starting from 10 people

Best offers for businesses of any size. 
We'll recommend and provide a sport, convenient timetable and give you a nice business discount



Up to 13 years old. It is time and money saver: your kid can try a range of various sports in one room, and then can pick one or several programs they like.

  • Martial arts
  • Group programs
  • Crossfit

This membership is convenient because it allows you to try various sections before choosing the right one (or more than one) for you.



Individual approach
Functional check-up with a sports medical doctor
Guidelines for using sports equipment
Workload and healthy lifestyle recommendations
Experienced coaches
You get an opportunity to complement your strength training and other types of sport with a massage and other practices
Sport equipment and gear from world leading manufacturers
Meet our coach team


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